Monday, April 25, 2016

    I have been practicing my speech for when I get up onto the stage. I made it so my powerpoint corresponds with the speech so that way I know where I should be with the speech. I feel confident with my project because there is nothing that I can change now and I have to talk about my experience with what I had done and how it had affected me as a person.

During my project I had many downs where my project fell through and I take the blame for it. I was not as prepared for this project as I should have been and because of that I had two ideas fall through because of my procrastination. I was able to gain most of my information on Children’s Hospital website about the Lemieux Sibling Center, a friend of mine who is a nurse at Children’s Hospital of UPMC about the clearances I would need and that were hard to come by, and also Richard Burrows the manager of Foundations Operations about the book drive. Each played a helpful role to get me the information that was needed for completing my project.

At the beginning of my project, I had a problem focusing on truly putting together and working on this project. My mindset was not on it and it caused me to rush many things. I regret the fact that I had not focused more on it at the beginning of the project and wish I had done more to make it better and more involved. Two of my ideas had fallen through due to my lack of motivation and I wish they had not. In the end of my project though, I was able to do exactly what I wanted. In the end, I was still able to make  child smile with giving them books and showing them that there are people out there who care.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Going to Children’s Hospital of UPMC of Pittsburgh on Sunday was honestly such a great and wonderful feeling to have been able to receive. The look of pure shock from the worker who had seen the amount of books I had collected and also the books sets spoke volumes about how much this would mean to the kids who would be receiving the books and book sets. It was such a wonderful feeling to have her tell me how 
surprising it was to see all of what has been collected.

I had finished up my speech and also my powerpoint for my presentation that will be happening on April 25th. I will be the last ones to go that night. My speech touches much on how two of my ideas had fallen through with what I planned to do. It touches on what my overall idea was about and also gives background information on the Lemieux Sibling Center that I had wanted to get involved with but could not get the clearances at the time for. I talked about the book drive that was held and all the people who had helped me with the process of what had to be done to prepare for it. I had multiple people who had helped me during this project and am grateful for having so many willing to help out and especially my teachers who helped with taking their time to post on their facebooks and collect the books from their friends.

My powerpoint uses the photos that I had taken during the book drive and also while my friend Sam and I were down in Pittsburgh dropping the books off. The powerpoint follows along with each of the topics I would like to talk about.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Even with the book drive being over, I have still had more teachers come up to me about donating books. I had received two more boxes from teachers at my technical school full of books from students and teachers from their children’s schools. My trunk of my car is currently filled with boxes of books that a friend and I will be taking to Children’s Hospital for the Adopt-a-Book program.

We will be sorting through the books on Saturday separating the activity books from the regular books so Children’s Hospital does not have to do it later. We have over one hundred activity books to donate to the hospital and more than three hundred books to donate. We will be taking the books down Sunday morning and I had spoken to the manager of foundation operations about when the best time would be to come down with the books and he had told me between 7am to 10:30pm. My friend and myself will be bringing them down that early morning to drop them off.

I had also put together little care gifts of books. I had received boxes of the same books and had taken them and put them into little care gifts with about five to six books in each with an activity book.  I had broken them up into age groups since the books had different amounts in each box and different age groups for the books. I had gotten tulle from Pat Catans and was given a discount from them to help pay for the tulle. I had gotten white and teal to wrap the books up with. There is eleven book sets for younger children and about twenty-five book sets for slightly older children such as teens. All include an activity books and also two comic books and also one or two books they can read.

Friday, April 1, 2016

This week, I had talked to the Logistics teacher about when he would like their donuts and had asked for Thursday. I had bought four dozen of donuts from Dunkin Donuts for their AM and PM classes. The class was so excited to get donuts for their class and got to spend the day having a “donut party.”

Another teacher had come up to me the other day asking me if I was still collecting books for the donation and I had told her I was no longer collecting for the donuts but donations can still be given to donate. The next day she had two of her students bring down two boxes of books for me to take home, resulting in more than three hundred books for the book drive towards Children’s Hospital.  

I had also ordered children activity books from a website called Energy Star who will allow you up to fifty free activity books. My teacher, Ms. Christ, my friend Anna, and myself had all ordered fifty and they came in this week for donations and I plan to bring them down as well for the kids.

I had gotten the tule to start creating the gift sets of books for the children and I plan to begin building the books sets for the kids. There should be about twenty different gift sets with about five different books in each set.

My teacher from tech has a contact who takes care of the volunteering and due to them going down for tech things, she is going to ask about coming and volunteering for me.
I plan to start my powerpoint soon and begin to write my speech and practice within the up and coming weeks.

Friday, March 25, 2016

This week had marked the last week of the book drive at my vocational school. Cosmetology had ended with one hundred and fifty-two books, but on the last day the Logistics class had come up with two hundred and eleven books winning the donuts for the class with the most books. I had talked to the each and they have about twenty kids in their shop. Mr. Cook, the Logistic teacher, had told me to come and talk to him after break about when they would like the donuts. I would get two boxes for their shop in the morning and leave them in the school’s office till I go to tech for the day.

I was able to finally get a hold of Chris from Half-Price Books about the book donation and he had put aside two boxes for me. He told me within the two boxes should be over about one hundred books each. I was able to pick them up this morning and add to the growing collection of books in my backseat.

Many people have also donated activity books, and over Easter Break I plan to go through the books and separate the activity books from the regular books to make it easier on the library so they do not have too.

I had received a couple boxes of multiple of the same boxes and am thinking about putting a gift set of the books so there is not multiple of the same books in the library.

I plan to take the books down to Children’s Hospital by the end of next week or the following depending on when I am able to volunteer down there.

Friday, March 18, 2016

This week I had gotten a call from Half Price Books about donating but at the time I was at school and could not answer my phone and had work later that night. I had tried to call back but the one who had called me was not in and to call back this weekend. So there is a slight problem there with trying to get into contact with the correct person about receiving a donation from them. I want to try and get into contact with him this weekend, but if it seems to be a problem finding a day to get down there I am going to try over Easter break to go down with the free days.

I started setting up meetings for all the people who would like to donate books and plan to meet with them over Easter break. I find it wonderful that so many people want to donate to Children’s. My one teacher, Mrs. Christ, had also posted onto her Facebook account about the book donations and plans to collect the books from her friends and family over the weekend to give to me in this coming week. She had multiple responses as well and many are excited to be able to donate.

The book drive that is going on at my technical school has been going really well. A couple of teachers had asked to me come pick up their books to make room for me. From the donations, I had received over 100 books already. Multiple people have told me they still have books to bring in to help and try to win for their class. There is three more days of the book drive and I can not wait to see how many more books that can be donated. Cosmetology is currently in the lead with books with having seventy seven books and mechatronics second with twenty one.

Mrs. Christ had also shown me a website called where you can order up to fifty children activity books for free. She had ordered me fifty to be sent to the school for also donate. Along with her fifty, my friend and myself had also order fifty to be sent to my house for the donations. This would make a total of 150 activity books to be distributed to the children at Children’s hospital.

I want to speak with the Ronald McDonald House about coming in and volunteering and also ask to see if there is anything they could use in the house. I am planning to make my trip soon down to Pittsburgh to volunteer.

Friday, March 11, 2016

I had started the book drive this week at my technical school and all of the shops to be looking forward to it. I had a friend of mine design posters to post around the school and also in each of the shops. The posters tell of where the books are going to and what for. They are creatively made and was lucky to have had him create them for me. 

I had posted a comment of a group from Westmoreland County on Facebook about doing my book drive and have had many responses from multiple people. They have asked when I needed the books and more information on how they can help me with gaining books. I plan to meet with these people so they can donate their books and my mother said she would  come with me so I was not meeting strangers. I was shocked by how many responses I had received about people having children books and activity books around their house. I can not wait to meet with these people and give them more information about what I am doing and how grateful I am that they are donating to my project. 

I had talked to Half-Price Books and they had told me that they would be able to donate books to the drive. They had told me the only problem would be is that I would need a tax number. I had emailed my contact that deals with all donations about this and he was able to solve that problem for me. I have to fill out an online information. This information will then be sent to a Half- Price Books near me and they will gather books for me to donate. When I had gone in and talked to the manager he had told me that they would be able to donate about 2-3 boxes of books which is about 100 books per box.  


I plan to send the information in this weekend and also begin meeting with the people who responded to the post this week coming up