Saturday, February 6, 2016

I had decided I was going to the do the book drive and start it within a couple weeks. I am going to talk to the teachers and our principle about starting the book drive. I am also going to talk to local places that sell books about allowing me to collect books in their shop or if they have any donations for the book drive. I am going to try and find books for each of the classrooms around the school and also talk to my friend from Graphic Arts at my career and technology school if he could make me signs to hang around the school to catch attention around the high school. The library at the hospital does take donations of books of any type from children’s books to adult to medical books. I want to try and talk to people from the morning announcements to try and get a video going to help raise awareness of my fundraiser going.

I tried getting into contact with the guy about my clearances and could not reach him. I will try again this week and also ask about when the best time would be to visit and hang out with the siblings in the program. I will ask see if the take money donations to help out more with the program they have for the siblings there.

Friday, January 22, 2016

I had contacted the Lemieux Sibling Center and had found out that they do take high school volunteers to help out with the kids. I do have to contact another person about gaining clearances and also the process about when to come down and help. When I had called the lady was very helpful, giving me his name and also his number for me to be able to reach him easier, the only problem being is the times he comes in varies each day and she could not give me a solid time of when would be best to call him about the information needed. I will try and call him this week so I can begin planning properly for us and what is all needed for us. I also want to see if it is possible for us to bring donuts for the kids as they do their activities.

I decided I was going to run a book drive to gain book donations for the Family Resource Center and Library. They take gently used books and allow the families to borrow and keep if they please. This specific section is called Adopt- a- Book. I want to call the library this week and gain more information on what kind of books they want. I plan to possibly start running this book drive at the end of February, beginning of March. This will allow us plenty of time to spread the word and also gain all necessary items to run this book drive successfully

Friday, January 8, 2016

I had decided to broaden my project but now including the siblings of the patients. I was able to find a support group that Children's Hospital supplies.They have two support groups one called Child Life which is to help the ill child understand what is going on and the feelings that may come with it. The next one is called Lemieux Sibling Center which is to help the siblings of the sick ones understand what their brother or sister is going through and to help them with the process of understanding and supporting their sick sibling. Both of these programs use volunteers and I have decided that the group of us will go down and volunteer to help out with these two support groups if the groups will have us. I was able to gather both of their phone numbers along with their hours so I would be able to figure out the perfect time for us to  go down and spend the day supporting these kids who are going through such a hard time in their lives who had to grow up so quickly.

I had also found a library that is connected to Children’s Hospital called Moulis Children’s Library. This library supplies children’s books, young adult books, and medical books to supply to the families. I would like to start a book drive to gather new and used books to donate to this library. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to donate to help this library and to show support in their cause with helping these families have something to read and a way to just relax for only a few chapters.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I began deciding ideas on where I could receive donations from. I was thinking on the idea of food places so that way it would be possible to bring snacks for the kids, if allowed, and also lunch for those of us going down.
My first idea was Dunkin Donuts. I would ask to receive four dozen of donuts and two boxes of joe. The coffee would be for the parents while the donuts would be for the kids along with us going down to enjoy for the day.
My second idea would Subway to ask for a sandwich platter or even cookies to the kids to enjoy during the day in between activities we would have.
Lastly I would ask Sweet Buzz, a local business in Penn Trafford. I would ask what they could donate to help us with either food or money for us.
I would ask each if they could give us a food donation if not a possible money donation for gas money and money for food.

I had gained information on how to contact the hospital as well as setting up an appointment to hang out with the kids for the day.
All of the selected kids are on board to take the day off of school to go and spend the day with these kids. One of the girls who is in video offered to videotape the day, as long as we have parent consent,  so the video can be used in my presentation.

So far the project is running smoothly with making plans and how to prepare for the rest of the project.

Friday, December 11, 2015

This week I started gaining people who will like to participate in this project, having a total of 8 people including myself. I had asked one of the girls who is in video if she would participate and video tape the experience while we are down there to show it during my presentation. I plan later on to talk to the parents to gain permission to video tape their kids and them during our time down there with them.

Two of the guys who are participating, Julian and Tyler, have helped me during the week to being brainstorming ideas of what to do with the kids while down there. We had come up with the ideas of:
  • Video Games
  • Doing the girls' makeup
  • Face Painting
  • Movies
  • Board Games
  • Throwing a football

We will continue to brainstorm activities as the project goes on as I gain knowledge of what the kids like and dislike and also their capabilities. I plan to talk to doctors about those restrictions and also a nurse I know who works in a children's ward. 

   One problem I was encountering was how to raise money for gas, snack, and, if can not be donated, our lunch. The only ideas I could think of was asking for it or a Go Fund Me. Neither idea seemed truly appealing or likely to work. If anyone could think of an idea to help raise money that is not over played like t-shirts or bracelets, that would be very helpful with my project.

I plan to keep brainstorming ideas for activities and also ways to raise money. I will start contacting the hospital to begin gathering more information to be cleared to go to the hospital.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A child's smile is worth a million words.

How much would the smile mean through if that child has cancer and was smiling for the day. That is the project I plan to do. I plan to make a child smile even through the troubles they are going through with chemo and surgeries to help them get better. I would like to go down to Children's Hospital and spend the day with all the kids who currently there. I would bring down a group of my friends and spend the day with the children, giving them a day to be kids again without a worry. I would talk to the parents to see what their kids are interested in and bring specific things for each child. I will talk to Dunkin Donuts to bring down munchkins down for the children but also get coffee for the parents so they can have a day to have real coffee, not hospital coffee, and the kids can have a sweet treat that they probably have not have in a while.

Struggles I would face would be getting all of us down there into Pittsburgh and also receiving clearances from both the doctors and parents of the patients. I would have to think of ideas of what we could do with the children. I would like to take videos of the kids and the interview the parents about how they feel about us spending the day with their kids.

I want to start by gaining high school students who will like to participate. From there, I will begin to put together the idea of how to get all of us down there as well and start to brainstorm ideas of what we could do with these children.