Friday, August 17, 2007

"Mom Taxi"

If your "mom taxi", you know the mom that travels back and forth all day to get the kids here and there, then you'll know exactly how I feel. I know people out there think that "some moms really don't do a lot of things, so they have time to do everything around the house." Yeah right! I've spent the last week being "mom taxi".

My darling teenager starts her freshman year in high school and was working hard trying out for the volleyball team last week. I was getting up early, making breakfast for her, taking her to practice by 8. Returning home for a while, then I would return to pick her up at 11 am for lunch break to drop her off again at 12:30pm for the second half of practice. Then returning at 2:30 to pick her up. Let's not mention running the typical errands we run as parents. Yikes, talk about feeling like a yo-yo. In the meantime, I was dragging my 3 and 5 year old with me since hubby works midnights and was in school all morning only to come back and sleep all afternoon and study at night. I really don't know how some mom's do it all the time. Talk about draining!

My hubby actually had the nerve to tell me when we woke up today that I should have had time to do a couple of things, frankly he could have done. Okay, I know what you're thinking what did I do to respond? I kindly reminded him I was raising his three children, doing the household chores, keeping track of our finances, and preparing for the upcoming school year as I just found out I have a killer schedule (that's another story). Plus, I've been doing this all summer. Then . . . I invited him into my world. I left him in charge of the kids today. I went to school to start preparing for the school year and left him making breakfast for the kids, preparing snacks for my teenager to take to her game today (she made the team!), preparing them lunch, dealing with the kids fits on getting dressed, taking my teenager to school by 2 and dragging the little ones along. I came home and started working on the computer on purpose and reminded him while he tried to sit to watch t.v. that it was his turn to do what I did all summer. So he turned off the tube to try to get them down for a nap (it didn't work!) Then, he spent some time with the kids, got them ready to go to my teenagers game only to get there and find out the schedule was wrong, she had already played. We passed by the store, bought a few groceries, he came home to make supper and clean the mess. Although he had an easier schedule, he forgot being so caught up with himself and school and work . . .he forgot what it was like to spend your day playing with your kids, feeding them, nurturing them and making sure everything is being take care of in the process. Needless to say, his mood changed. He became a little nicer, sighed when I reminded him to take the trash out before he left to work, smiled, and kissed us all.

Hmmmm! Just grinning and wondering what he must have been thinking to himself . . . grinning because for right now, for me, all is well with the world. . . grinning because tomorrow I have lunch plans with my girlfriends which will definitely have me out between 2 to 3 hours at the least. . . just grinning, grinning, and grinning! Ahhhhh! I can breathe again!

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Robyn Jones said...

hehe..I think it is good for them to be left with the kids once in a while....DH was just left with our son a little while ago, and when I came back commented on how he understood why i was so tired all the time! (Yes!)